How to install hypha on a server.

This installation guide assumes you have Apache and php running. In you don't know what this means or if you want to learn how to set this up, please read the requirements page first.

  1. Place the downloaded file 'hypha.php' in the folder that Apache uses as its 'Document Root'. On a local machine you can simply use a file manager, to move the file to a VPS you will need a ftp program.
  2. Make shure php has write access to this folder.
  3. Open a browser and point the browser's address field to the hypha install script on your server. On a local machine you can simply type 'localhost/hypha.php'. For a VPS you will have to type the IP-address or domain name in stead of localhost, e.g. '' or ''.
  4. From here on, follow the instructions by hypha.php.


I can't find Apache's Document Root


I don't know how to work ftp


I don't know how to set write access to a folder


My browser says 'It works!'


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